Luminate Online Sync Enhancements

Luminate Online Sync Enhancements

Luminate Online is the online engagement platform of choice for many organizations. But the standard sync available for Luminate Online to Blackbaud CRM can be confusing to set up and time-consuming to maintain. On top of that, the process for managing exceptions is manual – which increases the likelihood of error.



Luminate Online Sync Enhancements

Working in close collaboration with a number of Blackbaud CRM and Luminate Online customers, we have created our own BBCRM LO Sync Utility solution.

Our sync works in conjunction with the standard sync and has no effect on Blackbaud’s support for the sync.



Phone Number: 866-941-9874


What is it?

The BBCRM LO Sync Utility is a prepackaged set of add-ons that extend the standard sync functionality, making it possible to globally identify and manage things like:



Discount Codes


Recurring Gifts


Duplicate Registrations


Family Registrations


Failed/Pending Gifts


Mismatched Country/State Values


Constituent Batches


Revenue Reconcilliation




What are the benefits?


In addition to an enhanced user experience, the Sync Utility results in increased data hygiene. It can also provide a savings in time and resources for IT administrators.



We’re here for you!


If you’d like to learn more about how our BBCRM LO Sync Utility and our other Expert Access Solutions can help your organization, please get in touch! We can manage the complete LO sync/LO connector project directly, or we can partner with Blackbaud Professional Services – whatever works best for you.