Fundraiser On the Go (FROG) is a Blackbaud web application that allows fundraisers to access constituent data both in the office and on-the-go. Zuri Group made several enhancements to the app’s functionality and user experience, revamping it into a dynamic and easy-to-use mobile application with direct access to key CRM data and actions.


What’s new?

Navigate through constituent data more easily with icons to help quickly identify organizations, households, and individuals. An enhanced search functionality enables users to view all of the fields represented in BBCRM’s search screen and use advanced search options to narrow down results.

When planning next steps or action items, use the Prospect View tab to create plan names, find addresses on Google Maps, and take notes on event registrations. Fundraisers can customize the layout with a new user tab setting by hiding sections and prioritizing relevant information.

What are the benefits?

Relevant Data Front & Center – Whether you are traveling, canvassing in the field, or on the way to meet with a constituent, conveniently access your most important constituent data. Define your relationship with constituents, view a list of constituents you are assigned to, and explore an infinite amount of past interactions. Hide sections that don’t suit your purpose, and focus on the information that matters most.

Improved User Experience – Navigating through data and searching for specific constituents in Blackbaud’s FROG app can be cumbersome. With enhanced search functionalities and visual triggers to help you identify the information you’re seeking, you will save time on data mining and reserve energy for engaging with constituents.


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