Easily move data in or out of Blackbaud CRM with Velocity, a lightning-fast data management engine that encourages flexible data translation and manipulation.



Use our built-in connectors to move data between Blackbaud CRM, Luminate Online, Engaging Networks, Hivebrite, and EverTrue. Or, integrate data from third-party platforms including email, digital marketing, and student information systems such as Banner by creating a Velocity process once and using it over and over. Velocity eliminates the need to create custom imports, complex batch procedures, and numerous global changes.

What are the benefits?

Intelligent, scripted imports – Enact complex business logic scripts down to the individual field level.

Multi-file staging and data transformation – Enable fundraising operations and actions based on multiple data inputs. Create new interactions and system workflows based on your core data intelligence.

Improve data quality – Standardize your data and quickly perform data cleanup using an edit data form.

Export data to any system – Reduce or eliminate custom development time for building integrations.

How does it work?

Once installed in your Blackbaud CRM environment, Velocity is ready to transfer data from one system to another. A typical integration hard-codes mapping from source to target and offers limited options for users to change the data map. Velocity exposes every field mapped between source and target so you can map your data in the way that makes most sense. You can also apply scripting language to any field or to new data based on inbound fields.


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